About the company

Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. was registered in January 2001. In the course of the years of work, our company has gained rich experience and deep knowledge of medical equipment, which helps us to solve tasks of our customers properly and efficiently.

Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. has the license of the Federal Supervision Service for Health Care and Social Development for maintenance of medical equipment No. ФС-99-04-001246 dated by  17.04.2014, it is a member of self-regulatory organization “Russian Association of Enterprises Engaged in Sales and Repair of Medical Equipment (RAPMED) from 14 September 2005.  All engineers in our company have higher professional education and  huge experience in assembly, repair and service of different medical equipment. Our company offers the following services:

  • Complex supply of medical equipment and consumables to the Russian medical institutions,
  • Development and implementation of technology projects for supply of medical equipment (including Central sterilization departments "turnkey"),
  • Implement a comprehensive maintenance and repair of medical equipment for various purposes, including supply of necessary spare parts.

Over the years on the market of medical equipment Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company has established itself as a reliable partner for implementation of state and municipal contracts for supply and commissioning of medical equipment, as well as the implementation of service contracts for maintenance and repair of medical equipment. 

We’ve got a big experience on equipment both new construction and renovating medical facilities, Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company exercising control over the conduct of design work, collaborating with construction companies and supervises the preparation of the premises for supply and installation of essential medical equipment.

Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company offers a new solution for hospitals that lack the space – supply and installation of necessary medical equipment in modular units.

Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company is the official distributor of several well-known manufacturers of various medical devices, including equipment and information systems for radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery medical equipment, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance research, sterilization and disinfection, medical furniture, and modular structures.

Among medical institutions where Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. has supplied and put into service medical equipment are the following:

  • CSDs in the main building and in the branch of the Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after A. N. Bakulev of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • Moscow City Scientific Research Institute of Ambulance Service named after N. V. Sklifosovskiy;
  • Medical center of “Aeroflot”;
  • CSD in the Regional Perinatal Centre of Kursk;
  • Central research Institute of Gastroenterology of Moscow,
  • Multifunctional Center of sports and ballet trauma and rehabilitation of the FGBI “CITO by N. N. Priorov",
  • State Institution "Republican endocrinology dispensary" (GBU "RED"), Magas, Republic of Ingushetia,
  • clinics of the Medical Unit of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow;
  • City Clinical Hospital No. 50 of Moscow;
  • Tushino Children’s Hospital of Moscow;
  • ANCO “GUTA-CLINIC” of Moscow;
  • Maternity Hospital No. 4 of Moscow;
  • Maternity Hospital No. 26 of Moscow;
  • Medical institutions of Tula and Voronezh regions;
  • etc...


Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company carries out maintenance of medical equipment in various fields, namely: sterilization, x-ray and radiological equipment, anesthesia equipment, functional diagnostics, surgical and therapeutic purposes, and equipment of the General hospital profile.

In 2012 Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company in partnership with JSC " Hospital Management Agency" has begun an active work on introduction of advanced medical technologies using a variety of financial solutions, including public-private partnerships and network of governance models at the regional and interregional level.

Joint activities of our companies are focused on the development of innovative projects of healthcare, providing a full spectrum of services in certain segments of the medical market for the organization of financing and implementation of construction/reconstruction investment projects "turnkey" with foreign strategic partners, including design, insurance and consulting companies.


Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. Company offers to supply any medical equipment, installation and assembly, commissioning, training of technical and medical staff work with supplied equipment, delivery of spare parts, warranty and post-warranty service of medical equipment.