Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. has a license of the Federal Supervision Service for Health Care and Social Development for maintenance of medical equipment No. ФС-99-04-001246 dated by  17.04.2014.

Our company offers the following services:

  • installation and assembly of medical equipment;
  • conduction of trainings for technical and medical staff concerning exploitation of purchased equipment;
  • supply of spare parts;
  • warranty and post-warranty service of medical equipment.

Avtoclavmedservice Ltd. is in the Register of Small Business Entities of Moscow and is a member of self-regulatory organization “Russian Association of Enterprises Engaged in Sales and Repair of Medical Equipment (RAPMED)”.

Technicians at workAll engineers in our company have higher professional education and specialized training certificates received at plants of various medical equipment manufacturers, huge experience in assembly, repair and service of different medical equipment and continue to improve their qualification.

The aim of maintenance service is to keep equipment within required technical conditions, timely execution of preventive and repair operations, forecasting and prevention of possible failures. Timely and high-quality maintenance helps to increase equipment's service life.

It must be taken into account that maintenance and warranty services are different, although linked, things.

Impairment of operational characteristics happens gradually, and without special measurements will hardly be noticed until real difficulties arise, or the system breaks down, but if specialists conducting technical inspection and maintenance of the equipment are involved in time, unexpected failures or breakdown of the equipment will be minimized.